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Brave Lash

Tweezer Cleaner

Tweezer Cleaner

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Adhesive Remover Tweezer Cleaner 

Every lash tech will know how difficult it can be to clean the adhesive off their tweezers - our Tweezer cleaner is the perfect solution for that!

Don't forget to show your tweezers some love! Our tweezer cleaner is a lifesaver - It cuts through even the toughest glue and easily wipes off residue so your tweezers are ready to go again!

How To Use

  1. Carefully remove the life and dip your tweezers into the bottle
  2. Gently rub the tweezers along the sponge, until the adhesive dissolves 
  3. Remove the tweezers from the tweezers cleaner, and finish by wiping with a lint-free wipe. 
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