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Brave Lash

Russian Lash Tray - CC curl 0.07

Russian Lash Tray - CC curl 0.07

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Russian - CC curl 0.07

Brave Lash professional lash extensions are HANDMADE to ensure perfect curls and lashes. 

Create softer, fluffier, and mega-volume sets with Brave Lash 0.07 RUSSIAN VOLUME Lash trays! Perfect for the use of hand-making Russian volume fans and works well for lash techs at any level of experience - from beginner to advanced.

Our 0.07 Russian Volume lash extensions are super lightweight, making them ideal for creating a fluffy fan that gives your clients the volume they want! 

Easy grab makes it simpler to create luscious sets that have a lasting curl. Plus, they're super thin and fluffy, so manipulating them for Russian volume is a breeze!


Product Details

  • Tapered to create a softer and lighter lash
  • Handmade not machine made
  • Consistent, long-lasting curls
  • True black colour
  • 16 strips per box
  • Completely hypoallergenic, vegan-friendly, and cruelty-free.
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