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Brave Lash

Gold-plated Heart Lash Mirror

Gold-plated Heart Lash Mirror

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Gold-plated Heart Lash Mirror

The Brave Lash mirror is an essential tool for all lash techs looking to create perfect lash sets making it a must-have tool in every lash kit. 

 This high-quality professional mirror will help you view your eyelash extension set from various angles, making it easier to ensure your client's lashes are looking their best!

Top tip - Use the mirror's reflection to level up your Instagram pictures and get photos from a whole different angle

Key Features

  • Helps you check how full your lash set is throughout the treatment
  • High quality stainless steel
  • Stylish gold plated design
  • Allows you to see your lash extension sets from all angles and ensures every lash is in the right direction

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