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Brave Lash

Fearless Lash Adhesive

Fearless Lash Adhesive

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Fearless Lash Adhesive (10ml)

Our adhesive is perfect for all types of lash extensions - classic, hybrid, and Russian volume! It sets quickly with low fumes and odor and provides long-lasting hold to help give your clients the best retention.

Professional eyelash extension adhesive for qualified lash artists only. Always patch test before use.

Product Details

  • Low odor and irritation
  • 1-second drying time¬†
  • 10ml Bottle
  • Thin viscosity
  • Ideal Humidity: 40-60%

Storage Advice

Store the adhesive in a cool, dry, and dark place. Store it vertically in an airtight container. Before every use, shake the adhesive and remove the lid. Cover the nozzle with foil, a wax strip, or a lint-free pad. After each use, wipe the nozzle and squeeze out any remaining glue residue.  Retention may be affected if you store your glue incorrectly. We recommend changing your adhesive every 4 weeks once opened.

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