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Brave Lash

Brave Isolating Straight Tweezers

Brave Isolating Straight Tweezers

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Brave Isolating Straight Tweezers

Recommended for: Isolation and Classic Lash Application

Get ready to create perfect lash sets with the Brave Isolating Straight Tweezers! 

Precision eyelash tweezers for professional use, designed to make it easier than ever to create stunning, long-lasting lash looks. With an ultra-fine point and a long handle, you can work quickly and accurately for an effortless lashing experience. Plus the super sharp pointed tip allows you to isolate even the most difficult lashes with precision, while its gold wrap adds a stylish touch to your lash toolkit.

Product details

  • Perfect for isolation and classic lash application
  • Ultra fine point
  • Sturdy, but lightweight
  • 100% hand tested¬†
  • Long handle makes it easier to hold
  • Gold wrapped¬†
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