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Brave Lash

Bamboo Lash Brushes (50 pack)

Bamboo Lash Brushes (50 pack)

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Brave Eco-Friendly Lash Brush (50 PACK)

Popular with both lash techs and clients, our BRAVE sustainable bamboo mascara wands are eco-friendly with a biodegradable bamboo handle. 

The perfect lash tool for brushing your client's natural lashes before and during treatments - A must-have accessory for every lash tech!

Top Tip! - It's also a great idea to give mascara wands to your clients in their aftercare package or sell it as an add-on item.

Product Details

  • 50 bamboo mascara wands per pack¬†
  • Biodegradable handle and eco-friendly.
  • A popular tool for both lash techs and clients
  • Perfect for brushing natural lashes and eyelash extensions during application
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