Educating Clients on the Importance of Infills

Educating Clients on the Importance of Infills

Hey fellow lash techs, let's talk about why infills are a crucial part of keeping your clients' lashes looking full and fabulous. As we all know, our clients' natural lashes go through a natural shedding process, and they can lose up to 65 lashes in just three weeks. That's a lot of lashes, right?

This is where infills come in to save the day! By adding new extensions to fill in any gaps and replace any lashes that have naturally fallen out, we can keep our clients' lash lines looking even and beautiful. Remind your clients that infills are necessary every 2-3 weeks after their full set appointment to keep their lashes looking their best.

Understanding the Lash Cycle

Now, let's talk about the lash cycle. Understanding the different stages of growth is essential when it comes to explaining why infills are necessary. During the Anagen phase, new lashes are actively growing, and during the Catagen phase, the lash stops growing and begins to shrink. Finally, during the Telogen phase, the lash falls out, and a new one begins to grow in its place.

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By explaining the lash cycle to your clients, they will better understand why they need regular infills to keep their lashes looking full and fabulous. Infills not only make the lashes look great, but they also help to maintain the health of the natural lashes. They can prevent any damage caused by the weight of the extensions by distributing the weight evenly across the lash line.

In conclusion, let's educate our clients on why infills are necessary for maintaining their lash extensions and keeping their natural lashes healthy. By emphasising the importance of regular infills and explaining the lash cycle, we can ensure our clients have full, beautiful lashes that enhance their natural beauty. So, let's get those infill appointments booked in!

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